Back into the groove

I started my year with 18 Days of Yoga from Brett Larkin. Though I’m not sure if I’ll make it the entire 18 days, it’s a nice focus for now. I’m going to visit mom on the 13th, and the nature of everything makes it challenging to stay on top of exercise, though she will do some light yoga with me if she feels well enough.

Day 1 kicked off with a sequence called ‘Hope’ which I really enjoyed. If you’re into home yoga-ing, you should definitely check out the series.

Running is off to a slow start this year. I am pretty fair weather runner. I need it be over 40º, under 85º, and only light precipitation before I’m willing to go out. Saturday morning was wet and 35º, so I stayed in bed (that’s a lie, I got up and re-caulked the bathroom). Since I knew it was going to be crappy out, I ran on Friday and busted out a 5k PR which was a nice start to the new year at least.

On Sunday we went up the park/trail, but instead of running we just walked around together and decided to detour into downtown for lunch; which was great.

Today it was back to work and reality. I didn’t, despite all of my best intentions, become a less dorky, less snarky, less cynical more focused and productive employee. But I’m probably no worse than I was last week. And I can use the next 52 weeks to work on that.

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